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Event Production

Our Equipment
We supply only industry standard equipment, meaning reliability and performance is not an issue.

Our Crew
All of our staff are all highly trained and skilled with years of experience and knowledge. When it comes to event production we do not comprise on anything ensuring our clients needs are all meet.

Our Account Managers
Will liaise directly with our client right from the start to the end as well as being onsite throughout the event. We have dedicated staff for each component of the event.

Product Launches

Launching a new product in your company is an exciting time! We can help compliment your launch with a professional audio and visual production set up to showcase the star of the event, “your product or service”.

Meetings & Conferences

Meetings and Conferences is a major and important event that brings people together to discuss topics and also to connect with each other. It is important that you have a professional and reliable audio & visual set up so that presenters, speakers and delegates can focus on their roles and content with confidence.

Awards Dinners

Audio & visual can help set the tone of the your next Awards Dinner event. With amazing lighting and video production, right thru to great sound for bands and performers, these are all components to ensure a memorable event.


Performers, Artists, Bands, & DJ’s are what brings people to a festival. Lighting, Sound and Visuals are what can also help make it memorable. Big sound bright lights amazing visuals are all elements to ensure a quality event that both performers and party goers will remember.

Breakfast Seminars

Whether you have a guest speaker, new announcement, or a company review, breakfast seminars are a great relaxed, but yet professional way, which should be meet with a professional and discreet audio & visual set up.


Standing out from your competitor’s at an exhibition is one of the main objectives. Be seen and heard with quality sound, lighting, projectors and video panels. These are just a few ways have your presence noticed and remembered.


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